Less than 3 weeks till thesis hand in

Under 3 weeks till thesis hand in!

In fact my plan is to submit my thesis in 11 days… with the extra week as a buffer in case something goes wrong, like I get ill or my computer finally says enough is enough and goes on strike.

Hopefully neither of these things happen.

Currently my thesis is 99,118 words, with hopefully not too many words left to add and not too many left to edit. So at least I can relax about the word count now.

This week I have been rewriting and editing the first results chapter I wrote back in February. This was a slightly bigger task than I had anticipated as I had not explained myself as clearly as I had originally imagined and some of the figures needed to be improved to fit in the style of the others I had since used in my Thesis. However this chapter is now almost finished.

Almost finished!

‘Almost finished’ is something that I am saying or thinking all of the time at the moment. This state of ‘almost finished’ is an interesting one, how do you define it? It all depends on what you personally regard as an 100% finished piece of work.

My expectation of the acceptable quality of a submitted thesis will most probably vary to another students idea. Possibly another student may even consider my thesis ‘done’ already by their standards.

After the long slog of thesis writing I am starting to accept that I may end up handing in my thesis without it reaching my goal of what a 100% completed thesis is. Simply because I don’t have anymore time and that I am probably my own worst critic.

And in reality this is OK, the thesis I hand in will not actually be the final copy, my examiner will give my corrections (its very rare to get none) so in fact the thesis I had in that I feel needs to be 100% finished is still actually still only a work in progress.

I hope reading this helps everyone push there mindset from almost there to its as done as its ever going to be so we can all get ready to submit these books!

Aim for this week

Get the draft back from supervisor and incorporate any changes. Proof read and do cross referencing.

My advice for the imminent deadline

Try being less critical of your work

Let go of perfectionism at this point in writing up

Focus on the big things that need doing or changing and forget about the small stuff





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