4 weeks till thesis hand in

This week has been really weird.

Something about it becoming September this week made me realise how close to the end I am and how it’s not much long till I am free!!!!

So this felt great and I was briefly on a high, telling everyone it’s not long to go now!

It motivated me to work some very long days despite being exhausted in the hope of making hand in happen even sooner.

But then reality hit me in the form of a really long to do list I wrote and my discussion taking slightly longer than I’d hoped it would.

These two things were enough to make me feel overwhelmed and realise there was still more work and struggling ahead.

It’s tough to acknowledge this but these last week weeks are probably going to be really hard.

The reason I didn’t finish my discussion as quickly as I hoped was because I was worn out. I had worked myself in to the ground in the days before driven by the tantalising hope that I could submit early, and it caught up with me.

It’s good to remember that writing a thesis is a long process and the best way to complete it without having a breakdown is to pace yourself.

In those days of intensive work I barely moved from my desk and powered myself on icing and coffee. It worked temporarily but it’s not sustainable.

2016-08-31 20.59.31

I realised I needed to relax but I couldn’t because I felt guilty whenever I was not working on my thesis. I couldn’t chill out watching tv or reading a book as my mind kept thinking THESIS. Eventually  I decided I needed to do something active and headed to the gym.

I have finally realised why many busy stressed people make time for the gym, it gets you out of you own head and makes you concentrate on your body and your breathing. I would recommend it if anyone’s struggling at the moment.

This week has reminded me the importance of managing the write up in a healthy way. The Thesis writing will take over your life a bit but you still have to make an effort to get some time away from it!

My advice

  • Pace yourself
  • Go outside
  • Head to the gym to get rid of stress and thesis thoughts
  • Be a realist about these final weeks being hard, we haven’t quite reached the summit yet

(but we are almost there!)





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