5 weeks till thesis hand in- exhaustion 

So 5 weeks to go and I’m exhausted!

Word count:  Unknown (hopefully under 100,000)

This exhaustion is not just about lack of sleep,  it is a state of mind and overall sense of fatigue with the project. Its a weird feeling as the thesis so near to being finished but still needs that final push to get final version together.

Difficulties with finishing a thesis

There are many difficult aspects to finishing a thesis, currently I am struggling with the monotony.

The process of writing and editing every day is getting too monotonous as I am discussing the same theories that I have been writing about for 5 months in slightly different ways- this makes it hard to stay engaged.

Also I have lots of ‘tidying up’ left to do. Mostly this consists of doing the things I didn’t fancy doing properly at the time properly now. So rough diagrams or semi completed tables now have to be re-visited.

All the little things 

When I started the write up process my to do list was simple- write a thesis,that grew as I started to break it down in to chapters and subheading, then that list started being ticked off over the last 5 months.

But now there is a new list, where  originally  there was:

  • print thesis
  • hand in thesis
  • party

This has expanded to:

  • merge the word files,
  • edit the references,
  • find great printing settings for microscope images
  • compile extra supporting data files
  • find printer in the library that you trust
  • print thesis
  • check the printing quality of the thesis
  • re-print thesis?
  • find embargo form
  • bind thesis
  • hand in thesis
  • Party!!

All these little things have the potential to be tricky and are always more difficult to get to grips with when you are tired and a little bit desperate for it to be finally completed!



Aim for this week

This week I need to write my overall discussion and finish my results chapter 5.

My advice

  • Write out a timetable for the next 35 days, allow at least 3 days clear in the run up to the deadline to allow for illness or other issues.
  • In this timetable write out all the little things you have to do and add to this as you inevitably remember things that you had originally forgotten about.
  • Check that your supervisor knows your planned hand in date, as they probably expect to see the final version and check it briefly before they let you hand it in.
  • Try and visualise how it will feel once you have handed in to get that final bit of motivation.
  • Perhaps even book something to look forward to such as a holiday after your hand in date.



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