6 weeks till thesis hand in- Editing

2016-08-17 18.16.48


So I have finally got to that funny point when my overall word count is actually decreasing!


It is only a marginal decrease: Word count was: 97,000 last week and is now 96,460.

But I  completed writing my introduction during this week, so generated about 5,000 new words- but still ended up with less words, think I am getting the hang of editing!

If anything I am getting too ruthless with editing, I am getting an odd rush from pressing the delete button! Whereas when I first started I was agonising over deleting sections which I could remember originally writing.

I don’t know quite how I have managed to transition into a word cutting machine but here are some ideas:

  • I have finally read my complete thesis enough times to have a vague idea of when I am repeating myself- so can cut words with more confidence than before.
  • I have kept asking myself what does the examiner need to know? As this is very different to ‘things I think are really interesting’ or going into so much depth that the point you are making is no longer clear.
  •  The pressure of the deadline is finally getting to me and I no longer have time to dither over a sentence- if its not delivering important information it is immediately cut.

Aim for this week

This week I am going to be editing my discussion sections for each chapter. At the moment they read like a free flow of ideas and this really needs structuring and reining in to more precise hypothesises. I’m hoping tidying this up will lose me a few more words and that the thesis will become a bit clearer for it.

My advice

  • Keep asking yourself what does my examiner need to know? When you are writing. Doing this at the time and controlling what you write may save you time later.
  • When you get to this point in your write up keep regularly reading over your ‘work in progress’ Thesis. As even though you are sick of reading it it does help with editing – perhaps try to read it once a week.
  • Take a deep breath and press delete.



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