12 weeks till Thesis Submission!

Today is the 8th July 2016, why is this date important you ask? Well there are officially 12 weeks left until my final thesis submission deadline! This is great and scary all at the same time.

So I have decided to document this potentially challenging 12 weeks, with a blog a week until submission.

I hope documenting the process as I go will provide a proper real life account of how it feels to try and finish a Science PhD.

Hopefully this will result in some handy tips that could help out any other final year PhD students out there and some motivation that if I can do it, you can do it too!

Or the blog may provide those of you thinking of taking on a PhD with a personal account of a tough part of the process so you can make an informed decision of if this is really the path for you.

Where is my thesis at?

Word count: 60,000 (almost the length of Brave New World!)

I have done 3 months of writing previously to get me to this point. My writing has been focused on results chapters and allowed me to think  broadly about my work and go back to carry out extra experiments.

The big experiments are all done now, with potentially smaller ones still to be done. But it really is writing time now, those 60,000 words need polishing and 2 more chapters need writing!

How am I feeling

Unusually optimistic, earlier this week I felt nervous, 12 weeks didn’t feel like enough time to get everything done. But now I’m feeling happy that there is a final deadline. There is a date at which the work on this giant book has to stop. I just have to motivate myself and get the thesis as ready as is possible for me in the time-frame.


Upgrade your dropbox account, it will sync all your writing so you can access it anywhere and will mean less stressing when external hard-drives/ computers act up.

Every time you do more work on a chapter put the date in the name, I at one point I was just using recently opened and then found I was working on an old draft- annoying!

Lets see how the next week of writing goes!






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